Mastering Advanced Color Grading in Photoshop

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Updated On 02 Feb, 19


Learn Professional Color Grading Techniques in Photoshop and make your Images Stand Out - with Ressources

Course Description

What is color? If someone would've ask You that question what would You say? How You describe to person how red looks like, or how blue feels. We cannot really explain colors without describing them by the name, but we are able to express them through the stories.

In this course I am going to have deeper look on how color affects the images, and how we can build all atmosphere of the image by working with color. The process of enhancing and and processing the color is called Color Grading.

I have to agree that every part of retouching is important for the image, although color is the one which has biggest impact on the final outcome and on how Your images will be percieved. 

Why color are so important in photography?

Remember that images are not only the frame from peoples life. Images tell tell the stories, And colors are it’s content. You want people feel when they look at the images, You want to show them what You feel through the image, no matter if You are photographer or retoucher as I am.

To me, as a retoucher colors are most important part of the image and information behind them. It is also my favourtitte part of my work. Working with reds to show strong emotions, going with pink to Make it soft, or Working with blue colors to make it comfotable for our eyes.

This is what I am teaching You. Why this course is so special? Because I am not going to talk only about theory, but mostly we are going to wrok on real examples, on work that was published, so You know it is not some ametour experiment. 

I cover few different subjects in Photography, outdoor photography, Studio fashion and Beauty as well as Street fashion Photography. So You know this course is for You.

What You will find in this course:

1. In the first part of the course we will be working on natural light photography - one of the most popular photography in recent years. 

- I will make sure you will know how to process your raw images, no matter if you will use adobe camera raw, or capture one software.

- I will show You how to clean up portrait images including dodge & burn process.

- I will teach you how to do color grading using most effective adjustement layers, as well as other techniques to let you choose your own way of reatouching.

- I will teach you how to choose color theme for your image that most suit certein kind of photography.

2. In the next part we will jump into studio fashion and beauty images.

- I will teach you more techniques on general retouching including cleaning up process as well as working with contrasts on advanced level.

- You will learn how to grade images selectively on shadows and highlights, as well as how to work with images with complementary color harmony.

- You will learn how to correct colors of the image, how to take down certain color off your image as well how to fix color and stauration shifts.

- I will show You how to do final touch ups for your image in camera raw, to make them look perfect.

3. In the last part of the course we will do something much more creative. We are going to work on street fashion images with different color palettes.

- I will show you the way to process such an raw images.

- You will learn how to work selectivaly with each color no matter which part of the image you want to work with, sky, clothes, hair. You will know how to improve each color.

- You will learn how to work with the images from the same set. How to make their colors have one main theme. 

- Including with final touch ups I will teach you simple trick that allows you to break off strong color transitions.




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