From Raw to a Perfect Photo - Develop & Process Like a Pro

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Updated On 02 Feb, 19


Learn how to turn your digital negatives into captivating artwork in Adobe Camera RAW & Photoshop

Course Description

Hidden in your RAW digital negatives are all you need to create impactful images. This hands-on course teaches you how to effectively use Adobe Camera RAW to take full advantage of the data stored in your RAW files, seamlessly optimising your photos with control and flexibility during the post production stage. Using a free Photoshop Action provided with the course, you’ll also discover the power of using luminosity masks to introduce evocative, compelling lighting effects, add depth and set the mood and tone for remarkable images.

Sharpen Your Skills

  • Developing RAW Files In Adobe Camera RAW

Learn the essentials of any professional workflow: quick clean up, noise reduction, perspective distortion corrections, chromatic aberration and white balance correction.

  • Fundamental Exposure Blending

Luminosity masks provide you with a seamless way to combine two images into one powerful piece of art. Simply download the Luminosity Masks Photoshop Action, and with a single click, you’ll unlock a full set of pixel-perfect selections.

  • Advanced Luminosity Adjustments

In this course, you’ll learn how to apply color grading to enhance emotional impact and create mood in your images using the Solid Color and Selective Color adjustment layers.

  • Powerful Color Grading

Apply color grading to enhance emotional impact and create mood in your images. In this course we will work with the Solid Color and Selective Color adjustment layers.



87 Ratings
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