Mining Machinery

IIT Kharagpur, , Prof. Khanindra Pathak

Updated On 02 Feb, 19


Mining Machinery is a core course for undergraduate program in Mining Engineering. This course deals with the basic construction, operation and maintenance aspects of machines used in mining and quarrying industry so that a graduate mining engineer can select the right equipment for specific job under defined geo-mining conditions and provide feed-back for design, application and upkeep of the machines. This course briefly reviews the fundamentals of machinery and covers machinery used in mining for preparing work-site by leveling, grading and compacting ground, for preparing roads, removal of over burden and transporting it to the dumping sites, preparing ground for mineral production, transporting the same to the processing sites. It also covers machines for under underground mining and evacuation of bulk materials with brief introduction of maintenance management aspects.


Lecture 1: Mining Machinery

4.1 ( 11 )

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Week 1:1. Introduction to Mining Machinery
1. Classification of Mining Machinery and characteristics of Machinery
2. Fundamentals of Machinery
2. Introduction to Machine elements
3. Mechanical transmission of power in mining machinery
4. Shafts, pulleys, gears, and gear/trains Bearing and Brakes
Week 2: 5Belt drives, chain drives
6. Prime Movers
7. Fluid Power for Mining Machinery
8. Pneumatic Power Machinery
Week 3: 3.Wire Ropes
9. Steel Wire Rope Types and Design Calculation
10. Steel wire rope maintenance
4. Site and Rock Preparation Equipment
11. Principle of Rock-Tool Interaction
12. Dozer and Ripper
Week 4: 13. Drills
14. Scraper
15. Motor Grader
5. Surface Mining Machinery Machinery for Cyclic Excavation
16. Electric Rope Shovel
Week 5: 17. Hydraulic Excavators and Back Hoe
18. Front End Loaders
19. Hydraulic Excavators and Back Hoe
Machinery for continuous excavation
20. Bucket Wheel Excavator
Week 6: 21. Bucket Chain Excavator
22. Continuous Surface Miner
23. Dredge
6. Underground Mining Machinery
24. Loaders: Gathering arm loader, Rocker shovel, LHD, SDL
Week 7: 25. Road header
26. Underground drills and Roof bolter
27. Continuous Miner
28. Shuttle cars
Week 8: 29. Shearer
30. surface coal/ore handling plant
7. Turbo Machinery
31. Pump, fan and Compressor
32. mine pumps, pumping ranges, and fittings Fan
Week 9:8. Transportation Machinery for Surface Mines
33. Off-Highway trucks
Case Studies
34. Belt Conveyor
Exercise and Problem Solving
Week 10:35. Aerial Ropeways
9. Transportation Machinery for Underground Mines
36. Rope Haulage Exercise and Problem Solving
Week 11: 37. Locomotive
Exercise and Problem Solving
38. Introduction to Cage and Skip Winding
Exercise and Problem Solving
Week 12: 39. Low profile dumper
10. Types of Maintenance and Maintenance Measurements
40. Introduction to Maintenance Engineering
Quiz, Review and Interaction



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Excellent course helped me understand topic that i couldn't while attendinfg my college.

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Great course. Thank you very much.