Introduction to Open Channel Flow: Difference between Open Channel Flow and Pipe Flow, Types of Channel, Geometric parameters of a channel, Classification of Open Channel Flow, Continuity and Momentum equation.
Uniform flow: Resistance flow formula, Velocity distribution, Equivalent roughness coefficient, Velocity coefficients, Uniform flow in rigid boundary channel, Uniform flow in mobile boundary channel.
Energy and Momentum Principle: Concept of Specific Energy, Critical Depth, Alternate depth, Specific Force, Sequent depth.
Non-Uniform Flow: Governing equation of GVF, Classification of Gradually Varied Flow, Computation of GVF profile, Rapidly Varied Flow, hydraulic Jump, Flow over a Hump, Flow in Channel Transition.
Canal Design: Concept of best hydraulic section, Design of rigid boundary canal, design of channel in alluvial formation- Kennedy’s theory, Lacy’s theory, Method of Tractive force, Free-board in canal.
Unsteady Flow: Wave and their classification, Celerity of wave, Surges, Characteristic equation.
Pipe Flow: Losses in pipes, Pipe in series and parallel, Pipe network analysis, Water hammer, Surge tank.
Hydraulic Model Study: Important dimensionless flow parameters, Similitude: Geometric, Kinematic and Dynamic Similarity, Model scales.

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Course Curriculum

Mod- 1 Lec-1 Introduction to Hydraulics Details 59:8
Open Channel Hydraulic Part-1 Details 1:1:54
Open Channel Hydraulics Part -2 Details 1:1:46
Velocity and Pressure Distribution Details 1:3:42
Practical use of velocity co-efficient in channel flow Details 1:6:40
Conservation Principles & ioioGoverning Equations Details 1:7:37
Uniform Flow Details 58:59
Uniform Flow Formula Details 1:1:7
Computation of Uniform Flow Part-1 Details 1:50
Computation of Uniform Flow Part-2 Details 1:4:17
Uniform Flow in Mobile Boundary Channel Details 1:48
Incipient Motion Condition and Regime of Flow Details 1:4:9
Concept of Specific Energy Details 1:1:38
Computation of Critical Depth Details 1:5:30
Specific Force, Critical Depth & Sequent Depth Details 1:9:58
Non-uniform Flow: Gradually Varied Flow Details 1:6:15
Mod-4 Lec-1 Classification of Gradually Varied Flow Details 1:8:11
Characteristic of Gradually Varied Flow Details 1:3:19
Gradually Varied Flow & its Computation Details 1:4:2
Computation of Gradually Varied Flow Details 1:2:46
Gradually Varied Flow: Numerical Methods and Problem Solving Details
Rapidly Varied Flow: Hydraulic Jump Details 1:2:34
Hydraulic Jump Details 1:3
Flow Over Hump and Channel Contraction Details 1:4:23
Canal Design-1 Details 1:2:28
Canal Design-2 Details 1:1:36
Design of Alluvial Channel Details 1:53
Design of Alluvial Channel-2 Details 1:2:41
Design of Alluvial Channel-3 Details 1:1:50
Unsteady Flow: Waves and its Classification Details 1:33
Unsteady Flow Part-3 Details 1:1:52
Pipe Flow: Friction Loss I Details 1:11:50
Pipe Flow: Losses in Pipes II Details 1:4:55
Pipe in Series & Parallel III Details 1:4:45
Pipe Network Analysis IV Details 1:6:56
Water Hammer & Surge Tank Details 1:3:12
Pipe Flow: Friction Loss V Details 1:2:36
Pipe Flow: Losses in Pipe VI Details 1:9:26

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