Planar Rigid Body,Degrees of freedom,Equations of Equilibrium,Planar rigid body Statics Examples,Structural Systems with rigid bodies,Types of 1-D Structural Elements,Trusses – Axial members,Analysis of Truss Systems,Stability of Structural systems,Trusses – additional discussions,Trusses – Method of Sections,Beams – example,Beams – BMD & SFD,Beams – loading, shear and BM relationships,Virtual work method,Virtual displacements,Finding virtual displacements,Virtual Work Method – Examples,Static Friction,Belt Friction,Friction : Solving Problems,General concepts – rigid bodies,Motion of a rigid body = a translation + a rotation,Motion of a point of the rigid body,Motion of one point on a rigid body relative to another,Understanding rotational motion r_dot = w x r,Kinematics velocity and acceleration,Understanding Coriolis Acceleration,Kinematics – Solving problems,Equations of motion of a rigid body,Tips and Techniques,Solving Problems

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Course Curriculum

Planar Rigid Body Details 11:41
Degrees of freedom Details 31:18
Equations of Equilibrium Details 20:57
Planar rigid body Statics Example 1 Details 35:1
Rigid Body Statics Example 2 Details 28:11
Structural Systems with rigid bodies Details 18:39
Types of 1-D Structural Elements Details 12:53
Trusses – Axial members Details 10:5
Analysis of Truss Systems Details 35:11
Stability of Structural systems Details 16:15
Trusses – additional discussions. Details 24:54
Trusses – Method of Sections Details 16:17
Beams – example 1 Details 45:33
Beams – BMD & SFD Details 45:41
Beams – loading, shear and BM relationships Details 20:49
Virtual work method Details 29:23
Virtual displacements Details 22:33
Finding virtual displacements Details 29:6
Virtual Work Method – Example 1 Details 7:8
Virtual Work Method – Example 2 Details 34:18
Static Friction – an understanding Details 22:18
Belt Friction Details 22:45
Friction : Solving Problems Details 26:14
General concepts – rigid bodies Details 9:54
Motion of a rigid body = a translation + a rotation Details 9:1
Motion of a point of the rigid body Details 13:26
Motion of one point on a rigid body relative to another Details 18:6
Understanding rotational motion r_dot = w x r Details 14:10
Kinematics velocity and acceleration Details 17:10
Understanding Coriolis Acceleration Details 25:59
Kinematics – Solving problems Details 11:6
Equations of motion of a rigid body Details 19:1
Tips and Techniques 1/2 Details 20:24
Tips and Techniques 2/2 Details 18:56
Solving Problems 1/4 Details 14:5
Solving Problems 2/4 Details 0:6
Solving Problems 3/4 Details 5:42
Solving Problems 4/4 Details 5:34
Tips and Tricks – Engineering Statics – solivng problems Details 22:28

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