Capitalism: Success, Crisis and Reform

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Exploding Words – Thomas Malthus and Inevitable Poverty – Counting the Fingers of Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand – Karl Marx, Joseph Schumpeter, and an Economic System Incapable of Coming to Rest – Property, Freedom, and the Essential Job of Government – Rise of the Joint Stock Corporation – Can You Sell a Scheme for Operating on Beating Hearts and Make a Business of It – Mortal Life Cycle of a Great Technology – Guest Lecture by Jim Alexander: Managing the Crooked E-Institutions and Incentives in Mortgages and Mortgage – Backed Securities – Accountability and Greed in Investment Banking – The Mortgage Meltdown in Cleveland – The Political and Judicial Elements of American Capitalism – Mass Affluence Comes to the Western World – Braudel’s Bell Jar – The Case of Mister Balram Halwai-Microfinance in South India-plight of the Bottom Billion – Policy Targets for Capitalist Development – Marrying the Devil in Texas – Capitalist Enterprise and Clean Water for a Bolivian City

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