Khan Academy BitTorrent App

Khan Academy video lectures are available through Torrents officially, BitTorrent has an app through which all the lecture videos can be downloaded in one go.

How to Download:

1. Get BitTorrent application here .

2. Go to App button on the left side of the BitTorrent

3. Find the Khan Academy app on the right side panel

Click on the install button and follow the steps. Successful App installation should show like

Choose the Playlist or Course you like. You are done 🙂

If you know any other better way of downloading videos or educational apps. please share in the comments section.

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April 14, 2018

10 responses on "Khan Academy BitTorrent App"

  1. i dont know how to download this im so tierd

  2. Cool does this app download video in hd

  3. there is no app button on the left side of the BitTorrent…

  4. i can’t find the app button can you help me please

  5. I can’t find the app button my bittorrent is free version. please help me

  6. i can’t find the app you are saying…. there are no listed apps on the left side.

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