New York University Open Education Courses

New York University has joined the group of other open course ware providing universities with free courses. As a pilot program, it started with the following five courses

  1. American Literature I by Prof. Cyrus Patell
  2. New York City : A Social History by Prof. Daniel Walkowitz
  3. Introduction to Sociology by Prof. Harvey Molotch
  4. Genomes and Diversity by Dr. Mark L. Segal
  5. Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences by Prof. Elizabeth A.Bauer
  6. Calculus I by Prof. Matthew Leingang

NYU YouTube Channel

Course videos are also shared on YouTube

Course contents are being shared under Creative Common Licence.

You can also find other university courses.

April 14, 2018

0 responses on "New York University Open Education Courses"

  1. This is fantastic!

  2. how we register for this course.

  3. Hi’

    I would like to cover diploma   Business management 

  4. Thank you very much for offering us your free courses. Please note that we offer now the following degree programmes:

    1.      Agriculture and Rural

    2.      Integrated Management

    3.      Economics,

    4.      Business Administration

    5.      Education

    6.      Global Development

    7.      IT & Computer Science,

    Civil Engineering

    Medical Laboratory Technology

    10.  Women Empowerment Studies

    Best regards

  5. this is very useful

  6. Thanks for sharing NY courses.

  7. I want to join open education course at NY Uni.

  8. How can I get admission in these courses?

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