Chemistry is a branch of science that mainly focuses on the properties of matter; the structure and composition as well. Chemistry covers too many different topics and aspects. We have some of the best Chemistry video lectures that are devoted towards understanding different concepts with clarity.

When you are going through tutorials on chemistry, people always look for organic chemistry. There are videos which focus upon organic photochemistry, freshman organic chemistry, organometallic chemistry and more.

Apart from the lectures on organic chemistry, we also have videos for polymer chemistry, quantum chemistry, heterocyclic chemistry and more. Every single lecture is further split into various modules and you can go through each of them to get a much better and clear understanding of the concept matters involved in the same.

Make it a point to go through the series of video lectures and find the topics upon which you should keep your focus on. Mass transfer and particle characterization are two diverse topics which are a part of our lessons. There are different types of chemical processes which one needs to be familiar with and in these lectures; we will talk of plant wide control of chemical processes. Apart from this, there is a series of lecture devoted towards micro scale transport processes.

Every course is so designed that the core matter is explained thoroughly such that the foundation can be set. Once you gain a better understanding of the concept, the tutorials will then take you forward with advanced aspects. Take a look at the lessons and make the most out of it by improving your overall knowledge base.

Lectures span from basic concepts to advanced concepts and this is surely going to improve your overall horizon of knowledge and proficiency in this field of subject.

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MIT Fall 2004
Origin; Periodic Table; Atomic Structure; Rutherford and Bohr Model; The Shell Model; Quantum Numbers; Orbital; Octet; Ionic Compounds; Bonds; Molecules; Metallic Bonding; Int
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