Civil Engineering

Civil engineering encompasses all those work that involves construction, maintenance and innovative design of different aspects and things like bridges, canals, buildings and more.

In our video lectures, we will take you through the different steps which are involved in civil engineering. Some of the important lectures which we will be dealing with are as follows.
- Structural dynamics: how to find the apt structure design for the equipments
- Seismic analysis of the different structures: this is important to ensure that the foundation which is laid is efficient and free of flaws.
- Use of probability in civil engineering: it forms one of the core concepts which are used extensively.
- Soil dynamics: no doubt, the texture of the soil is crucial for laying down the foundation.
- Advanced hydraulics: one has to be mindful of the type of water system which is used and the way it is set up as well.

This is not all as our video lectures will take you through a lot more details. We believe that civil engineering is one such area which needs thorough knowledge and by offering the best lectures and tutorials; we aim at educating people about the same.

We will explore further details and those who choose to go through the details of all the video tutorials will be able to refine their knowledge in an apt manner. Be all set to learn about stochastic hydrology, transportation engineering, fluid engineering and more. With these tutorials, civil engineers will be able to polish their expertise in their field of operation.

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