Computer Programming

Wanna be a good programmer? Start here.Learn any programming language. Includes everyhting from C programming, C++, C#, JAVA, AJAX, .NET(dot net) to scripting languges PERL, Python, COBOL. Courses cover introductory programming to advanced level.

In our programming video lectures, we have series of lectures that focus upon wide aspects of programming language. We have topics like spring framework, JSP, servlets, dream weaver, JQuery, Ajax and more. When talking about the programming lectures, we make it a point to familiarize the learners with the core basics including the syntax. Once we are done with the syntax and the semantics, we move forward to advanced concepts. Video lectures have been listed articulately paying heed to important points to allow both novices and advanced learners to gain a clear insight into the programming details.

Too many people are of the opinion that it is C programming which sets the foundation. Once the foundation has been laid, the rest of the work needs to be done. This is why we have a detailed lecture focusing upon C language. You are advised to thoroughly pursue the same and then try and explore the details of other programming language and concepts.

We also have lectures upon different Adobe programs like Adobe after Effects, Premier Pro and more. Even when it comes to application development, it is important to keep an eye on the coding basics and our online lectures will guide you into designing some of the finest and the most prolific apps. Java and PHP are two other popular programming languages and you can find detailed lessons for brushing your skills in both these languages

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