Tufts OpenCourseWare Medical Courses

Most of the open course ware contents are for Engineering studies. What about medical sciences? Do we have one? Yes, Tufts Open Course ware by Tufts university offers lot of its academic course materials for free, it is also the founding member of the OpenCourseWare Consortium(OCWC).

The focus is mainly on Medicine, Dental Medicine, Nutrition Science, Agriculture and veterinary Medicine. Almost 40 courses are offered on various domains. Some of them are

Dental Medicine


Nutrition Science and Policy

Veterinary Medicine

There are other medical courses from many universities

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  1. sir please provide me by video lectures in oral and maxillofacial surgery course

  2. The more I browse around, the more I can’t believe I’ve found this site! Whereas up to now I’ve had to search around for useful links to pass on to my students from all over the web (I’m a nutrition lecturer), now I can see all of the main sources I’ve been accessing up to now – Tufts, Berkeley, Harvard, MIT, etc. – all in one place. I know I will be spending a lot of time on this site in the future, and will be referring it to my students a lot, so thank you for putting it together.

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