25+ Universities and Colleges offering Free Courses Online

Open courseware offered by top universities allow self-learners to access high quality educational materials for no cost. Whether expanding your knowledge on a variety of topics or sampling the programs offered at universities, free courses can benefit you.

The following universities offer free college courses online to anyone wishing to complete them. University credit is not offered for any of the free courses provided at these universities.

Arizona State University (Opens in iTunes) : Find free video lectures and lecture voice recordings via the Arizona State University iTunesU. Currently, lectures are provided on math, media and advertising, social sciences, biology, history and health.

ArsDigita University: Offers courses on computer science and maths, complete video lectures, lecture notes, assignments can be accessible.

Brigham Young University : Free video lectures, written lecture materials and quizzes are provided through Brigham Young University’s open courseware . Members of the BYU community use this site to post educational and research materials on subjects including personal finance, cooking, writing, education and speech online for public access.

Carnegie Mellon University : Carnegie Mellon University offers free and open courses for self-learners. Classes are self-directed via written text lectures. Courses are currently offered on biology, media, engineering, statistics, chemistry, French, speech and anatomy. Additional courses are currently in the development phase.

Kutztown University of Pennsylvania : Free online courses are offered from several Kutztown University of Pennsylvania departments including government, finance, business, legal, management development, marketing and more. Courses are free but you’ll be required to create an account to access them. Courses are offered via video lectures.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology : The Massachusetts Institute of Technology open courseware includes more than 2000 courses in engineering, management, science, humanities and more. Courses are not for credit and are offered as video lectures, in audio format and more. MIT coming up with a new idea, MITx, of providing certification for free courses.

Notre Dame : Notre Dame provides free text lectures and quizzes. Courses are delivered from the departments of anthropology, architecture, English, math and more.

NPTEL : An Educational program sponsored by Govt of India for enhanced learning, has 5600+ video lectures, 130+ courses mainly in engineering, physics, chemistry and maths. Lectures delivered by the famous IIT’s (Indian Institute of Technology).

Open University : Explore more than 600 free online courses offered by Open University. Courses are posted in management, education, engineering, law and more. Discussion forums are provided for self learners to connect and discuss course topics. Courses are delivered through text lectures and quizzes.

Stanford University :  More than 35 free courses are offered via the Stanford University iTunesU site and YouTube. Find video lectures on history, geography, computing, mobile app development and more.

TU Delft University of Technology: Delft University offers lots of courses for both  bachelor level, master level.  Variety of courses offered including Bio-medical engineering, water management and marine engineering.

Tufts University : The Tufts University open courseware provides text lectures from several university departments. Free content includes lectures from the school of medicine, the school of arts and science and more.

University of California, Berkeley : The University of California, Berkeley webcast offers a series of free audio and video lectures for self learners. Courses are provided from several university departments including chemistry, economics, history and more.

University of California, Irvine : Browse video and text lectures offered on the University of California,Irvine open courseware site. Lectures are given on business, humanities, medicine and other popular topics.

University of Colorado : Has huge archive of video lessons for math courses. Offers more than 50 courses and has another huge collection of animated illustrations for science concepts.

University of Massachusetts, Boston : View text lectures, complete mock assignments and tests and gather course handouts via the University of Massachusetts, Boston open courseware site. Several university departments offer free courses including chemistry, communication studies and history.

University of Michigan : Free materials provided on the University of Michigan open content site include video lectures, software tools, student work and more. A few of the many university departments offering free courses include education, engineering and nursing.

Utah State University : Review materials used in actual Utah State University classes via the open courseware site. Review text lectures, take quizzes and gather research materials on subjects such as history, physics, psychology and more.

University of Southern Queensland : The open courseware site for the University of Southern Queenslandfeatures video and text lectures, quizzes and other valuable learning materials. Discover courses in communications, technology, tourism and more.

University of Washington : A series of free courses are presented by the University of Washington Educational Outreach program. Education-related courses are offered in text format and include review quizzes. Self learners must register before completing the courses.

Yale University : Open Yale Courses offers free access to several introductory courses instructed by university scholars. Complete courses in English, political science, religious studies and more. Courses are delivered via audio and video formats with text transcripts available for some lectures.

Please submit any other free resources in the comments section, if i miss anything,

June 16, 2018

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