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Manufacturing Processes II

Lecture 39: Electro - Chemical Machining

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Instructional Objectives - On Tool Geometry - Interrelations Among The Tool Angles - Mechanism of Chip Formation - Orthogonal and Oblique Cutting - Use of Chip Breaker in Machining - Machining Forces - Analytical and Experimental - Dynamo meters for Measuring Cutting Forces - CTCEAC - Concept of Machinability and its Improvement - Tool Life - Conventional Cutting Tool Maths - Advanced Tool Materials - Kinematics System of Centre Lathe - General Purpose Machine Tool Drills - Kinematic Systems and Operations

Configuration and Kinematic System - Mounting of jobs and Cutting Tools in Machine - Construction,Operation and Tool Layout - Use of Attachments In Machine Tools - Forces Developing and Acting In Machine Tools - Estimation of Machining Time - Broaching - Principle Systems and Applications - Grinding Principle and Application - Abrasive Processes - Superfinishing Processes - Production of Screw Threads - Gear Manufacturing -Jigs and Fixtures For Machine Shops - Design and Applications of Jigs and Fixtures - Non Traditional Manufacturing - Ultrasonic Machining - Water Jet Machining and Abrasive Water Jet - Electro - Chemical Machining -Electro - Discharge Machining - EBM and LBM

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