Processing of non metals

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Introduction: Classification of engineering materials and processing techniques, structure and properties of non-metals – Glass structure and properties, glass melting and forming, glass annealing – Classification of ceramics: crystal structures and properties, ceramic powder preparation, Synthesis of ceramic powders, fabrication of ceramic products from powders: pressing, casting, vapour phase techniques, sintering, finishing, machining. ceramic coatings – Structure and mechanical properties of plastics, thermoplastics and thermosets, Processing of Plastics: Extrusion. Injection moulding. Thermoforming. Compression moulding. Transfer moulding. General behavior of polymer melts, Machining of plastics

Classification of composite materials, properties of composites, processing methods of polymeric matrix composites: hand lay-up, autoclaving, filament winding, pultrusion, compression molding, pre-pegging, sheet molding compounds etc., process capability and application areas of various techniques – Ceramic matrix composites, mechanical properties of ceramic matrix composites, different processing techniques for ceramic matrix composites, process capability and applications of various techniques – Secondary processing of composite materials, Need of secondary operations, different type of secondary operations, machining and drilling of non-metals, machining induced damage, different methods of reducing the damage on account of secondary processing

Course Curriculum

Engineering Materials and Processing Techniques: Introduction Details 46:20
Glass Structure and Properties Details 50:13
Ceramics: I Details 43:58
Thermoplastics and Thermosets Details 43:8
Composite Materials Details 55:2
Ceramic Matrix Composites Details 54:18
Drilling of Polymer Matrix Composites Details 48:1
Properties of Non-Metals Details 43:15
Glass Processing – I Details 51:2
Ceramics: II Details 49:49
Processing of Plastics Details 46:8
Composite Materials: Classification and Applications Details 53:37
Ceramic Matrix Composites: Fundamentals and Properties Details 50:7
Hole Making Techniques for Polymer Matrix Composites Details 44:15
Glass Processing – II Details 49:12
Ceramic Powder Preparation Details 53:37
Extrusion of Plastics Details 50:40
Processing of Polymer Matrix Composites Details 49:35
Powder Processing: Ceramic Matrix Composites Details 46:35
Joining of Polymer Matrix Composites Details 46:9
Ceramic Powder Preparation — I Details 46:40
Transfer Molding and Compression Molding Details 47:6
Hand Lay-up and Spray Lay-up Details 52:12
Chemical Vapour Infiltration Details 58:14
Microwave Joining of Polymer Matrix Composites Details 42:12
Processing of Ceramic Parts – Pressing Details 49:37
Injection Molding Details 46:43
Pultrusion Details 50:38
Ceramic Matrix Composites: Processing-1 Details 49:53
Research Tools for Secondary Processing Details 51:6
Processing of Ceramic Parts — II Details 53:50
Thermoforming Details 53:14
Compression Molding Details 50:50
Ceramic Matrix Composites: Post Processing Details 48:29
Ceramics: Secondary Processing Details 54:10
Rotational Molding and Blow Molding Details 47:41
Filament Winding Details 57:31
Injection Molding-1 Details 47:46
Pre-pregging and Sheet Molding Compounds Details 55:15
Resin Transfer Molding and Autoclave Molding Details 50:59

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