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Mechanical Measurements and Metrology

Lecture 1: Introduction to the Study of Mechanical Measurement

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Introduction to the Study of Mechanical Measurement - Errors in Measurement -Propagation of Errors - Regression Analysis - Design of Experiments-Temperature Measurement - Overview of Thermometry - Thermoelectric Thermometry - Measurement of Temperature Under Various Condition - Errors in Temperature Measurement - Resistance Thermometry(Contd)and pyrometry - Pyrometry II-Pressure Measurement(Contd) - Measurement of High Vacuum-Measurement of Fluid Velocity

Hot Wire Anemometry and Laser Doppler Velocimetry - Laser Doppler Velocimetry and Ultrasonic Methods - Measurement of Heat Flux - Trasient Method of Heat Flux Measurement - Measurement of Volume and Mass Flow Rate of Fluid - Flow Measuring Devices - Measurement of Stagnation and Bulk Mean Temperature - Measurement of Themo - Physical Properties - Measurement of Thermal Conductivity - Measurement of Heat Capacity and Heating Value - Measurement of Viscosity - Integrating Sphere and Measurement of Emissivity - Measurements of Gas Composition - Force Measurement - Vibration and Acceleration Measurement - Laser Doppler Accelerometer,Speed,Torque - General Issues in Mechanical Mearurement

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