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Lecture 1: Introduction and Review

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Thermodynamics(Classical) for Biological Systems by Prof. G.K. Suraishkumar, Department of Biotechnology, IIT Madras. For more details on NPTEL visit

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Introduction and Review - Need for Analysis Additional Thermodynamic Functions State and Path Variables - Equations for a Closed system Chemical Potential Concept Gibbs-Duhem Equation - Maxwell's relations - Inter-Relationships between Thermodynamic Variables - Some Useful Mathematical Manipulations - Thermodynamic Relations for a Closed System with 1 mole of a pure Substances - Maximum Work,Lost Work Review of Closed Systems - Open Systems - Equations of State - Virial Equations - Equations of State - Cubic Equations - Volume Estimation - Generalized correlations - Residual Properties - Residual Properties - Generalized Correlations and Residual Properties - Fugacity Coefficient Estimation - Learning Aspects Chemical Potential Formulations - Lewis and Randall rule partial Molar Properties - Partial Molar Property Estimation from Mixing Experiments - Excess Property - Activity Coefficient from Excess Property - Models for Activity Coefficient in Binary System - Models for Activity Coefficient in Binary Systems - Criteria for Phase Equilibrium Phase Rule for Non-reacting Biosystems - Clausius - Clayperon Equation - Clausius - Clayperon Equation(cont.,)vapour-Liquid Equilibrium - Vapour-Liquid Equilibrium.Estimation of Fugacity coefficient - Liquid/Liquid and Solid/Liquid Equilibria - Criteria for Bio-reaction Equilibria - Phase rule for Reacting Biosystems Equilibrium constants - Effect of Temperature and Pressure on the Equilibrium constants - Reaction in Liquid or Solid Phases - Free energy Changes for some Bioreactions - Electrolytes - Course Review

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