Computer Aided Engineering Design

IIT Kanpur Course , Prof. Anupam Saxena

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Computer Aided Engineering Design by Prof. Anupam Saxena, Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Kanpur. For more details on NPTEL visit

Course Description :

CAD Applications: Engineering Products, analogy: documentation, Design Representation, FEM, Optimization, Software/AutoCAD/Mechanical Desktop/I-DEAS - Solid Modeling: Representation of Solids - Solid Modeling: Topology - Solid Modeling: topology, wireframe modeling - Solid Modeling: Boundary Representation - Solid Modeling: Boundary Representation, CSG, Operations: extrude, revolve, examples - Design of Curves: Representation, piecewise continuous, differential geometry of curves.

Design of Curves: Ferguson segments, Bzier segments - Design of Curves: Bzier segments - Design of Curves: B-Splines - Design of Curves: Rational Curves/NURBS - Design of Surfaces: Piecewise continuous, differential geometry - Design of Surface patches: Fersugon,16 point form, Bzier, B-spline - Design of Coon's surface patches - Design of Composite Surfaces: Ferguson and Bzier surfaces -Computational geometry - Mesh generation - FEM: An introduction - Optimization: Single variable methods - Optimization: KKT conditions - Optimization: Stochastic Methods.

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