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Real Analysis

Lecture 1: Real Analysis, Lecture 1: Constructing the Rational Numbers

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Real Analysis, Spring 2010, Harvey Mudd College, Professor Francis Su. Get notes and study tools at http://gosuapm.com/

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Constructing the rational numbers,Properties of Q,Construction of R,The Least Upper Bound Property,Complex Numbers,The Principle of Induction,Countable and Uncountable Sets,Cantor Diagonalization, Metric Spaces, Limit Points,Relationship b/t open and closed sets,Compact Sets,Relationship b/t compact, closed sets,Compactness, Heine-Borel Theorem,Connected Sets, Cantor Sets,Convergence of Sequences,Subsequences, Cauchy Sequences. ,Complete Spaces,Series,Series Convergence Tests,Functions - Limits and Continuity,Continuous Functions,Uniform Continuity,Discontinuous Functions. ,The Derivative, Mean Value Theorem,Taylor's Theorem,Ordinal Numbers, Transfinite Induction.

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