Available Courses / Genetics

Genetics is essentially the study of the genes that make up our body. It is a huge field and almost all diseases can be linked to the genes. While genetics is a part of biology, it comprises of a separate segment in itself.

In order to attain specialization in genetics, one needs to be thoroughly skilled in a lot of other aspects. In our video tutorials, we have covered some of the core aspects that will lay the right kind of foundation which is desired.

As genetics has a lot to do with biomedical engineering, we will be throwing light on the same in our tutorials. We also have videos based upon the principles of evolution, ecology and even behavior as well. We have gone through the ideals of genetic engineering and society and we have brought forth some of the top lectures on this aspect as well.

The video lectures on genetics shall cover the core areas and help you get on with the main ideas in this field. With our lecture on microbial genomics and genetics, you will be able to capture the true essence of what you are trying to see in your lessons. The video tutorials which we have listed have been programmed to improve the understanding which people have regarding the genetic framework. By developing a clear understanding of human genetics, people can learn a lot about how the different diseases operate. Genetics holds the answer to a lot of biological puzzles.