Electromagnetic Fields

IIT Madras , Prof.Harishankar Ramachandran

Gauss's Law


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Electro Magnetic Field

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Introduction to Vector – Coulomb’s Law – Electric Field – Electro Static Potential – The Gradient – Gauss’s Law – Poisson’s Equation – Energy in the Field – Example Problems in Eletro Statics – Fields in Material Bodies – Displacement Vector – Capacitors – Method Of Image – Poisson’s Equation 2Dimensions – Field near Sharp Edges and Points – Magnetic Field – Stokes Theorems – The Curl – Field Due to Current Loop – Ampere’s Law – Examples of Ampere,s Law – Inductance – Mutual Inductance – Faraday’s law – Magnetic Energy – Generalised Ampere’s Law – The Wave Equation – Wave Equation – Poynting Theorem – Skin Effect – Radiation&Circuits – Phasor Form of Poynting Theorem – Reflection at Dielectric boundaries – Transmission Lines – Conclusion

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