Strength of Materials

IIT Roorkee, , Prof. S.P.Harsha

Updated On 02 Feb, 19


Solid Mechanics - Analysis of stress and strain - Analysis of stress continued - Analysis of stress continued - Shear Stress - Graphical Solution Mohrs Stress Circle - Illustrative Problem - Analysis of Strain - Principles of Strain - Stress Strain Relations - Elastic Constants (Relation b/w E,K and U) - Uniaxial Tension Test - Conditions affecting mechanical properties - Members subjected to Uniaxial stress - Thermal Stress - Members subjected to Axisymmetric Loads - Change in dimensions - Generation of shear stress

Simple Torsion theory - Torsion of hollow shaft - Uses of springs and spring deflection - Geometric forms and classification of beams - Concept of Shear force and bending moment in beams - Illustrative problems - Couple and Eccentric loads - Point of Contra-flexure - Derivation of elastic flexural formula - Illustrative Problems - Shearing stress distribution - Bending of composite or flitched beams - Methods for finding the deflection - Illustrative Examples - Macaulays Methods - Equivalent Torque - Theories of elastic failure - Elastic Stability of Columns - Comparison of Euler theory with experimental results - Energy Methods - Strain Energy in bending - Illustrative Problems