Algebra I


Vertical and horizontal line and their


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vertical and horizontal lines both find the equation and graph. the slope of vertical and horizontal lines. for more math shorts go to

Course Description

Find the domain of a rational expression – Multipling Polynomials – intro to polynomials – add and subtract polynomials – Simplifying algebraic expressions – Like terms – Combine Like terms – Properties of negative exponents – exponents with integers – exponents – exponent properties – Solving a system of equations by addition ellimination – Solve a system by substitution – Solve a system by graphing -parallel and perpendicular lines – check if a point is a solution to a system – 3 types of systems – Vertical and horizontal line and their graphs – Graph and find X and Y intercepts – graph a line using a point and a slope – find the slope of a line between two points

Graphing equations in y=mx+b – Find the equation of a line with a point and a slope-derivation of the equation of a line -Meaning of slope-function evaluation and word problems – function domain and range – find the domain of a rational expression – Evaluate a function from a graph – derivation of the slope formula – Vertical Line test – Evaluate functions function notation and conection with linear – functions and relation – Compound Inequalities – systems of inequalities – factoring leading coefficient – System of three variables – AC factoring method – The Quadratic – Solving Linear Equations – Using the General Factoring Strategy – Solving Linear Equations – Factoring The Hard Ones -Factor special forms

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