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Harvard Kennedy School alums reflect on how their experiences as HKS students informed their career and life choices. A discussion with HKS Dean David Ellwood, Carie Lemack, Pam Kingpetcharat, the Hon. Shaun Donovan, and the Hon. Joseph A. Curtatone.Date: August 30, 2011

Course Description

Reporting from a Transformed America – Ask What You Can Do: Inspiring Public Service -The Politics of Polarization – Perspectives from DC & Beyond – The Institute of Politics-Civility in Politics: Is There Hope – The Institute of Politics – Inside the Arab Awakening – The Institute of Politics – A Panel Discussion on the PBS series “Women War and Peace” – Financial Crisis Déjà Vu – The Institute of Politics – “We are the 99 Percent” From Frustration to Occupation – Institute of Politics – The Chilean Path to Development – BIN LADEN KILLED “Justice has been done”- FORUM: “Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Oil Spills & Meltdowns: Acting In Time Against the Next Disaster – FORUM: “Challenges on the US/Mexico Border: Drugs, Violence and Terror”-Tea Party – What’s Brewing for the Budget Battle and the Ballot Box? – Institute of Politics – JAPAN: The Earthquake & The Worldwide Aftershocks – A public address by: The Honorable Bill Richardson – Institute of Politics: A public address by the Honorable Eric Cantor

Institute of Politics: A public address by the Honorable William Perry – Institute of Politics: General Raymond T. Odierno: Commanding General, Joint Forces Command – Institute of Politics: REAGAN 100: The Leader, The Lesson, The Legacy – Thinking About Leadership – Tunisia, Egypt & Lebanon: Changing Arab Politics? – “Rebuild the Dream” The Next American Economy – A public address by Van Jones – Making the Tax System Work for All of Us – 2011 Glauber Lecture by Douglas H. Shulman – A Film Screening and Conversation with Newt Gingrich – Institute of Politics-The 2011 New Frontier Awards with Caroline Kennedy – Institute of Politics – Mayors on the Front Line: Occupy Wall Street, Flash Mobs and Gun Violence – Institute of Politics – A Conversation with Robert Zoellick – Institute of Politics – The Challenges of Growing Inequality – Institute of Politics – Why Women Won the Nobel Prize – Institute of Politics

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