Forecasting : Need for forecasting,Quantitative methods – Facility layout and location : Qualitative aspects,Quantitative models for layout decisions,Product, process fixed position, group layout,Location decisions-quantitative models – Capacity and aggregate planning : Capacity measurement, Long-term and short term strategies – Aggregate planning – Inventory management : Various costs in inventory management and need,Deterministic models and discounts,Probabilistic inventory management – Scheduling models and applications : Scheduling in MRP system,Sequencing rules and applications,Batch production sequencing and scheduling.

Introduction to supply chain : Definition, complexity, key issues,Centralized vs. decentralized systems – Value of information and supply chain integration : Bullwhip effect,Push-based, pull based systems.
Outsourcing : Make or buy decisions – Transportation decision : Drivers of the decision,Network design decisions,Cross-docking,transshipment – Distribution and logistics in supply chains :Direct shipment/intermediate storage policies,Vehicle – routing models,Third-party logistics – Information technology in supply chain : Enabling supply chain through IT – ERP vendor platforms,Service oriented architecture (SOA),RFID.

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Course Curriculum

Introduction — (Challenges, Methodologies) Details 55:41
Forecasting — Time series models — Simple Exponential smoothing Details 53:1
Forecasting — Linear Models, Regression, Holt’s , seasonality Details 53:40
Forecasting — Winter’s model, causal models, Goodness of forecast, Aggregate Planning Details 59:46
Aggregate Planning, Tabular method, Linear Programming Details 54:50
Aggregate Planning, Transportation model Details 50:28
Aggregate Planning, Dynamic Programming, backordering Details 1:2:46
Aggregate Planning, Quadratic model, Demand and capacity planning Details 50:36
Inventory Models — Costs, EOQ model Details 51:56
Inventory — EOQ model graphs, with backordering Details 56:47
Inventory — Models for all quantity and marginal quantity Discount Details 52:24
Multiple Quantity Discount, Multiple item inventory- Constraint on numbers of orders Details 47:56
Multiple item inventory — Constraint on money value, space, equal number of orders Details 50:53
Multiple item inventory –combining orders, production consumption model Details 51:2
Inventory — Production consumption model with backordering Details 55:33
Economic lot scheduling problem, Supply Chain inventory Details 50:29
Lot sizing Details 57:32
Lot sizing — heuristics Details 54:35
Disaggregation Details 53:45
Disaggregation — time varying demand, Safety stock — ROL for discrete demand Details 1:1:14
Safety stock — ROL for normal distribution of lead time demand Details 47:18
Integrated model, ROL for normal distribution of LTD and given mean Details 47:54
Safety stock reduction — delayed Product differentiation, substitution. MOM Details 51:11
Sequencing and scheduling — Assumptions, objectives and shop settings Details 51:35
Single machine sequencing. Two machine flow shop — Johnson’s algorithm Details 54:44
Flow shop scheduling — Three machines, Johnson’s algorithm and Branch Details 55:30
Flow shop scheduling — heuristics — Palmer, Campbell Dudek Smith algorithm Details 57:26
Job shop scheduling — Gantt chart, Different dispatching rules Details 51:2
Job shop scheduling — Shifting bottleneck heuristic Details 57:20
Job shop scheduling — Shifting bottleneck heuristic. Line Balancing Details 55:58
Line Balancing Details 53:9
Location problems — p median problem, Fixed charge problem Details 48:34
Location allocation problems in supply chain. Layout Details 53:12
Quantitative models for layout, Summary Details 0:47
Introduction to Supply Chain Management Details 52:14
Location Problems Details 51:43
Transportation and Distribution Models Details 50:25
Transportation and Distribution Models(continued) Details 50:15
Bin Packing and Travelling Salesman Problems Details 51:33
Vehicle Routeing Problems Details 51:7
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