Introduction to BioMEMS and Microsystems technology : Biochips/ biosensors and introduction to device fabrication, Introduction to Cell biology,DNA & Protein chemistry, Microfluidics,Biochip Sensors & detection methods,Potential of Micro-fluidics and introductory continuum mechanics at small scales, Microarrays and Lab-on-chip devices, Introduction to MEMS Design – Micro-fluidics : Continuum mechanics at small scales,Basics of micro-fluidics,Gas Flows,Liquid flows,Boundary conditions,low Reynold’s s no. flows,Entrance effects, surface tension,Electro-kinetic techniques like electrophoresis,Electro-osmosis and dielectrophoresis,Micro-fluidics for internal flow control (micro-pumps and micro-valves, device building and characterization),Micromixer design and characterization, Micro-fluidics for life sciences and chemistry – Microsystems-fabrication processes : Review of basic fabrication processes for silicon,Introduction to microelectronic fabrication,Optical lithography,Photo-resists,Non optical lithography techniques,LIGA processes,Design Considerations,Vacuum science and plasmas,Etching techniques,Physical vapor deposition (evaporation and sputtering),Chemical vapor deposition
Review of basic fabrication processes for polymers

Polymer materials for micro-systems : Polymeric micromachining technology like softlithography,Bulk and surface micromachining,Replication technologies,Laser machining,Micro-stereo lithography,Micro-molding,Assembly and packaging of micro-systems,Biocompatibility of materials and processes – Overview of Lab-on-chip technology/ biomedical and chemical sensors, specific cases : Integrated gene analysis systems,Petri dish on a chip technology (Integrated trapping, culture, growth, lysis and analysis of pathogenic bacteria),Single cell and single molecule analysis using lab-on-chip techniques,Pharmaceutical analysis using lab-on-chip technology – Biomedical and chemical sensors: Electrochemical – Optical (labeled and unlabeled),Piezoelectric sensors.

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