Overview, Project Management, Project Appraisal, Basic Scheduling with A-O-A Networks, Linear Time-Cost Trade offs in Projects, Life Cycle of a Production System, Financial Evaluation of capital Decisions, Mathematical Models for Facility Location, Scheduling of Job Shops.

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Course Curriculum

Project and Production Management – An Overview Details 57:31
Project Management: An Overview Details 50:36
Project Identification and Screening Details 56:36
Project Appraisal: Part 1 Details 53:39
Project Appraisal:Part II Details 56:9
Project Selection Details 55:9
Project Representation Details 53:23
Consistency and Redundancy in Project Networks Details 56:11
Basic Scheduling with A-O-A Networks Details 56:30
Basic Scheduling with A-O-N Networks I Details 57:32
Project Scheduling with Probabilistic Activity Details 55:17
Linear Time-Cost Tradeoffs in Projects Details 56:2
Project Crashing with Multiple Objectives Details 56:46
Resource Profiles and Leveling Details 55:10
Limited Resource Allocation Details 51:14
Project Monitoring and Control with PERT/Cost Details 57:56
Team Building and Leadership in Projects Details 55:27
Organizational and Behavioral Issues Details 59:23
Computers in Project Management Details 53:45
Project Completion and Review Details 56:15
Life Cycle of a Production System Details 55:59
Role of Models in Production Management Details 58:9
Financial Evaluation of capital Decisions Details 54:40
Decision Trees and Risk Evaluation Details 58:42
Introducing New Products & Services Details 58:43
Economic Evaluation of New Products & Services Details 58:30
Product Mix Decisions Details 53:47
Product & Process Design Details 1:5
Issues in Location of Facilities Details 57:52
Mathematical Models for Facility Location Details 1:56
Layout planning Details 52:51
Computerised Layout Planning Details 59:59
Product Layouts and Assembly Line Balancing Details 1:13
Forecasting Details 58:48
The Analysis of Time Series Details 59:18
Aggregate Production Planning: Basic Concepts Details 59:37
Modelling Approaches Details 1:1:13
Basic Inventory Principles Details 57:31
Inventory Modelling Details 58:49
Material Requirements Planning Details 59:58
Scheduling of Job Shops Details 1:2

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