Ground Improvement Techniques

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Introduction:Need for Ground Improvement, Different types of problematic soils, Emerging trends in ground Improvement – Mechanical stabilization:Shallow and deep compaction requirements, Principles and methods of soil compaction, Shallow compaction and methods – Properties of compacted soil and compaction control, Deep compaction and Vibratory methods Dynamic compaction – Hydraulic modification:Ground Improvement by drainage, Dewatering methods – Design of dewatering systems, Preloading, Vertical drains, vacuum consolidation, Electro-kinetic dewatering, design and construction methods – Modification by admixtures:Cement stabilization and cement columns, Lime stabilization and lime columns – Stabilization using bitumen and emulsions, Stabilization using industrial wastes Construction techniques and applications – Grouting:Permeation grouting, compaction grouting, jet grouting, different varieties of grout materials, grouting under difficult conditions – In situ soil treatment methods:Soil nailing, rock anchoring, micro-piles, design methods, construction techniques – Case studies:Case studies of ground improvement projects.

Course Curriculum

Need for Ground Improvement Details 57:31
Classification of ground modification techniques Details 55:45
Emerging trends in ground improvement Details 56:40
Mechanical modification Details 56:29
Compaction Control Details 58:21
Deep compaction Details 55:5
Dynamic compaction Details 54:14
Vibro-compaction methods Details 57:50
Case studies in stone columns Details 54:14
Prefabricated Vertical Drains (PVDS) — I Details 56:30
Prefabricated drains (PVDS) — II Details 56:43
Dewatering – I Details 57:32
Dewatering – II Details 58:13
Electro-kinetic stabilization Details 57:52
Heating and freezing methods, Blasting methods-I Details 53:48
Heating and freezing methods, Blasting methods-II Details 23:7
Ground Treatment with lime — I Details 57:38
Ground Treatment with lime — II Details 56:10
Ground treatment with cement III Details 51:8
Grouting procedures Details 55:31
Grouting Details 55:2
Micropiles Details 1:42
Introduction to Geosynthetics -I Details 57:5
Introduction to Geosynthetics -II Details 57:40
Reinforced soil principles and mechanisms Details 57:11
Material properties Details 53:8
Factors affecting reinforced soil Details 52:34
Bearing capacity improvement — I Details 56:29
Bearing capacity improvement — II Details 58:27
Reinforced soil slopes Details 0:54
Reinforced Soil Walls – I Details 59:21
Reinforced Soil Walls – II Details 39:53
Soil Nailing Details 1:9:1
Design of embankments on soft soil using geosynthetics Details 56:29
Design of embankments on soft soil using geocells Details 58:28
Applications in filtration and drainage & erosion control Details 49:49
Geosynthetics in pavements Details 55:33
Sustainable development and energy geotechnology Details 59:50
Microbial geotechnology and Ground Improvement Details 53:46
Nano-technologies in ground improvement and site remediation Details 33:48

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