Advanced Chemical Reaction Engineering

IIT Bombay Course , Prof. H.S. Shankar

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Overview of Reaction Engineering & challenges - Stoichiometric Table & gas law - Reactor Design Equations for ideal Vessels - Effect of Pressure Drop on Performance of Plug Flow vessels - Plug Flow Recycle Reactors design equation , advantages of plug flow recycle reactor - Effect of Condensing gas on Reactor design - Multiple Reactions, finding number of independent reactions and independent set - Polymerization reaction in a CSTR - Energy Balance for stirred vessels - Semi batch reactor operation - Stability of Steady States in CSTR - Plotting Liapunov Contours - Understanding Multiple steady states in a CSTR - Heat Effects in reversible exothermic reactions - Need for Multi-staging - Optimal Design of Reactors for Reversible exothermic reactions - One Dimensional & Two dimensional models for PFR - Design of Packed Tubular Reactors - Gas Solid Non Catalytic Reactions - The shrinking Core Model - Case of Pseudo steady state hypothesis & ash diffusion control - Gas Solid reactions in Rotary Kiln - tracking gas and solid composition changes for reversible reactions - Design for Sponge iron reactor - Fluid bed reactors - Design of fluid bed reactors - Catalyst deactivation - Design for deactivating catalyst

Non ideal Flow - Residence Time Distribution of ideal vessels - Deriving RTD from velocity field - Modeling Non ideal Flow - Tanks in series Model - Dispersion model - Recycle reactor model of non ideal reactors - Introduction to population balance modeling - Deriving RTD from PBE - Deriving particle size distribution for continuous fluid beds via PBE - Deriving design equations for gas solid reactions via PBE - Deriving property distributions in reactor regenerator systems - Applications of PBE modeling to real life problems - Design equations for Immobilized Enzyme reactors - Illustrative examples in Benzyl Penicillin Deacylation - Reactors for alcohol fermentation - Design Alternatives - Reactors for Biological Waste Treatment - Design of Biological waste Water Treatment - Flow and Reaction through porous media - Acid Leaching of Rocks - Reaction Engineering for Electronic Devices - Illustrative example - Gas Liquid Reactions - Reaction Regimes - Reaction Engineering and mitigation of Global warming - CO2 absorption in high pressure water.

Lecture 32: Population Balance Modelling – II

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        Advanced Chemical Reaction Engineering (PG) by Prof. H.S.Shankar,Department of Chemical Engineering,IIT Bombay.For more details on NPTEL visit




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