Enzyme Science and Engineering

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Introduction and Scope to Enzyme Science & Engineering – Characteristic Features of Enzymes -Enzymes as Biocatalysts – Enzymatic Catalysis – Specificity of Enzyme Action -Kinetics of Enzyme Catalysed Reactions – Deviation from Hyperbolic Enzyme Kinectics – Role of Effector Molecules in Enzyme Kinetics – Reversible Inhibition – Effect of PH and Temparature on Enzyme – Kinetics of Bi substrate Enzyme – Immobilized Enzymes – Immobilization of Enzymes by Entrapment

Effect of Immobilization – Reactors for Enzyme Catalysed Reactions – Idealized Enzyme Reactor Performance – Idealized Enzyme Reactor Performance – Kinetic Parameters for IME Systems – Steady State Analysis of Mass Transfer – Non Ideal Flow in Continuous Immobilized Enzyme – Applications of Immobilized Enzymes in Process – Analytical Applications -Enzyme Technology Challanges

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