Any technological application which makes use of biological systems or other kind of living organisms for the sake of making products and even modifying the processes is termed as biotechnology. There is widespread application of this field of science as one can find a plethora of new products and processes which are made every day.

In our video lectures, we are going to take a complete detour of this science. Our main focus is the biotech and the pharmaceutical industry; however, we will also talk of structural aspects of biomaterials. We believe that in order to make the most of the video tutorials and hone the knowledge in this area, you need to be familiar with what the biomaterials are made of.

There are different analytical technologies which can be used and in these video tutorials, we are going to explain the same to you. You will learn the intricate details of downstream processing along with the techniques of proteomics. Biomathematics and thermodynamics are offshoots of the same and this is why we have lectures devoted to the same. Learn about enzyme science and engineering and explore the details of how biotechnology can help you make some of the smartest products which you can hope for.

Feel free to explore the different lectures and go through them to polish your expertise in the area. Our video lectures will make you an expert in the area of biotechnology and you will be better equipped to understand the dynamics of this field of science

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MIT Fall 2004
Fundamental principles of biochemistry, genetics, molecular biology, and cell biology. Biological function at the molecular level is particularly emphasized and covers the str
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