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Are you well versed in languages? How proficiently can you speak and write English? It is important to know the core details of the language before you can even hope to express your mastery in the same. In our video lectures, we have covered some of the core aspects related with the language.

If you are wondering as to what you are going to learn, we will be talking of the art of listening, speaking and even communication. Once you are through with the same, we have lectures that have to do with literature. The video will take you through the theory of literature and hone your skills in understanding and appreciating a piece of literature, be it prose, verse, play or any other form.

Further, we also have a separate online video lesson dedicated to technical writing. A lot of us falter in this area and after you have attended this lecture, your understanding of technical writing should improve manifold. Those who have a fetish to explore more about some of the greatest literary writers of the past have a lot to be happy about.

In our video tutorials, we will be translating Dante and at the same time, we also have a lecture that will focus upon Miltons work. With these video lessons, your efficiency in the English language is sure to improve by leaps and bounds and you will be able to attain mastery over it.
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