University Algebra

The University of New South Wales Course , Prof. Chris Tisdell

Lecture 1: Complex numbers & basic calculations. Chris Tisdell UNSW Sydney

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Lecture Details :

This is a basic video on the operations and calculations with complex numbers like division and multiplication. By using an example I show how to simplfy expressions involving complex numbers. Such ideas are seen in high-school and first-year university mathematics.

Complex numbers are an extension of the well--known real numbers. Complex numbers (and complex--valued functions) find useful applications in: signal analysis; fluid mechanics; relativity; and quantum mechanics.
A solid understanding of basic calculations with complex numbers empower us to do more significant and interesting things with them.

Course Description :

Complex numbers & basic calculations - Complex numbers, polar form & basic operations - Complex numbers and sketching regions - How to solve polynomial equations involving complex numbers -Trig identities via complex numbers - How to solve problems from algebra

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