iPhone Application Development (Winter 2010)

Stanford Course , Winter 2010 , Prof. Alan Cannistraro

Lecture 1: Introduction to Mac OS X, Cocoa Touch, Objective-C and Tools

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(January 5, 2010) Alan Cannistraro starts the quarter with an introduction to Mac OS X, Cocoa Touch, and Objective-C.

Part of Stanford's Winter Quarter 2010 iPhone Application Development (CS193P) course.

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Course Description :

Introduction to Mac OS X, Cocoa Touch, Objective - C and Tools - Objective - C and Foundation Framework - Custom Classes, Object Lifecycle, Autorelease - Building an Application, MVC,Nib Files, Controls - Views, Drawing, and Animation - Designing iPhone Applications, MVC, View Controllers - Navigation & Tab Bar Controllers - Scroll Views and Table Views-Data in Your iPhone App-Text Input and Presenting Content Modally - Web Views; Locations and Maps - Touch Events & Multi-touch - Device APIs; Location, Accelerometer & Camera; Battery - Audio APIs, Video Playback, Settings - Bonjour, NSStream, GameKit - Unit Testing; Fun with Objective-C; Localization OpenGL ES

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