VLSI Devices : Modeling and Simulation

Other Course , Prof. S.K.Lahiri

Lecture 1: Capacitance Voltage characteristics , threshold voltage

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Capacitance Voltage characteristics , threshold voltage - Flat-Band voltage - Gate oxide charges, interface states, streching of C-V plots - Transport through gate oxide, MOSFET - Current-voltage relation of long-channel MOSFETs - Drain (output) conductance, transconductance, effect of drain-included channel depletion - Accurate model of drain current in saturation and body effect - Drift - Diffusion model, subthreshold conduction - Subthreshold slope, mobility model in MOSFETs - Temperature effect, eq circuit of MOSFET, threshold voltage control - Channel implantation, Substrate bias sensitivity - Scaling of MOSFETs, Short-channel effects - Charge sharing model - Narrow width effect, channel length modulation, hot carrier effects - MOSFET fabrication, self-aligned silicide technology., LDD MOSFET - VMOS, FAMOS, EEPROM - Oxide isolate CMOS, control of latch-up, Silicon On Insulator (SOI) - Charge Coupled Devices (CCD) - MESFET, Permeable base transistor - Advanced high-speed devices, MOSFET, Quantum devices - Evel odel of MOSFET : Mobility modelling, subthreshold current, channel length modulation,short channel effect, velocity saturation,narrow width effect, gate capacitance,junction capacitances,slope discontinuity, gate capacitances, BSIM model

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