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Calculus Video Lectures/Tutorials

Calculus focuses on how mathematical concepts can be applied to change, and how rate of change can be measured and quantified. Students participating in this course have the option of participating in video tutorials covering; the basis of function, Fourier series, differentiation, integration and how they can be applied in diverse situations and fields such as Management sciences. The course consists of approximately 18 different modules that touch on all parts of calculus from its intermediary level to more advanced levels. Students can choose to participate in pre–calculus topics—functions and the serial systems—from the Khan Academy and graduate to Calculus proper by undertaking the Vector Calculus and Multivariable Calculus modules provided by the University of New South and UC Berkeley respectively. Calculus is an integral part for most advanced science courses, therefore participants should consist of students looking to pursue a career in advanced Mathematics, Engineering, Physics and some areas of Economics.