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The Physics course section places its focus on student looking to acquire knowledge in intermediary and advanced Physics subject matters such as Non-linear dynamics, Gravity, Mass theories, kinematics and the laws of motion coupled with advanced subjects such as; Nuclear physics, Electromagnetic theories, Atomic Physics and Quantum electronics etc. The courses are designed into over a 100 sections which cover virtually every field of Physics. As a student, you have the option to partake in whichever section you are interested in that is listed under this category. The available videos come from reputable authorities in the field of Physics such as; Prof Leonard Susskind of Stanford, Prof Steven Boggs of UC Berkeley, Prof D.C Dube of IIT Delhi amongst others. Taking the course in Physics provides the solid background needed to be successful in pursuing careers in advanced natural science fields such as Nuclear physics and a plethora of engineering disciplines such as Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and other core engineering disciplines.