Digital Circuits and Systems

IIT Madras , Prof.S. Srinivasan

Code Converters


Lecture Description

Lecture series on Digital Circuits & Systems by Prof. S. Srinivasan, Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Madras For more details on NPTEL visit

Course Description

Introduction to Digital Circuits – Combinational Logic Basics – Combinatioal Circuits – Logic Simplification – Karnaugh Maps And Implicants – Logic Minimization Using Karnaugh Maps – Karnaugh Map Minimization Using Maxterms – Code Converters – Parity Generator And Display Decoder – Arithmetic Circuits – Cary Look Ahead Adders – Subtractors – 2’s Complement Subtractor And BCD Adder – ARRAY MULTIPLIER – Introduction to Sequential Circuits – S-R,J-K and D Flip Flops – J-K and T Flip Flops – Triggering Mechanisms of Flip Flops and Counters – UP/DOWN COUNTERS – SHIFT REGISTERS – Application of Shift Registers – STATE MACHINES – DESIGN OF SYNCHRONOUS SEQUENTIAL CIRCUITS – DESIGN USING J-K FLIP FLOP – MEALY AND MOORE CIRCUITS – PATTERN DETECTOR – MSI AND LSI BASED DESIGN – MULTIPLEXER BASED DESIGN – Encoders and Decoders – Programmable Logic Devices – Design using Programmable Logic Devices – MSI & LSI based Implementation of Sequential – Design of Circuits Using MSI Sequential Blocks – System Design Example – System Design Using the Concept of Controllers

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