Sustainagility - how innovation will help save world

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Videos based on theme of Sustainagility book by Patrick Dixon and Johan Gorecki. Future of travel, future of energy industry, future of aviation, future of rail, future of shipping, future of road and freight / logistics. How to protect rain forests and feed the world population. Dealing with water shortages. Future of manufacturing, the oil industry, biofuels, coal and gas. Carbon capture, carbon taxes and carbon trading as mechanisms to fund action on climate change, CO2 emissions and global warming. Environment and environmental groups, activists and political action, government regulation and compliance.Sustainability companies.


Lecture 16: Future of your tax, taxation, business success and profit

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httpwww.globalchange.com Management, business success and tax Future trends in corporate tax and taxation of companies in emerging economies. How corporation tax departments will try to avoid paying tax. Future of government regulations and taxation. Video after keynote conference presentation by Dr Patrick Dixon, Futurist, for KPMG client event. How rules of business are changing in emerging markets China, India, Africa, Russia, Brazil, South Africa (BRICS nations). Why paying corporate tax is linked to corporate and social responsibility. How shifts in public opinion will alter regulations, taxes and government action. Why compliance is not enough for future business success. Management of corporate tax liabilities. Balance sheet issues and valuation of intellectual capital. Impact of corporation tax on company relocation decisions. Shareholder value, bottom line profit and social responsibility. Corporate law and international legal firms. How regulations will change in response to consumers and public pressure. Politicians and political parties campaigning for changes in government policy on issues such as the environment, global warming and climate change. How national leaders will alter tax rates to win political advantage.



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Excellent course helped me understand topic that i couldn't while attendinfg my college.

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Great course. Thank you very much.