Sustainagility - how innovation will help save world

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Videos based on theme of Sustainagility book by Patrick Dixon and Johan Gorecki. Future of travel, future of energy industry, future of aviation, future of rail, future of shipping, future of road and freight / logistics. How to protect rain forests and feed the world population. Dealing with water shortages. Future of manufacturing, the oil industry, biofuels, coal and gas. Carbon capture, carbon taxes and carbon trading as mechanisms to fund action on climate change, CO2 emissions and global warming. Environment and environmental groups, activists and political action, government regulation and compliance.Sustainability companies.


Lecture 2: Sustainable business $40 trillion green tech boom will help save world - 1

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httpwww.globalchange.comsustainagility.htm Reengineering the future. How to change the future as part of business strategy to create a better world and a more profitable one. New digital channels, twitter, facebook and other social networks. Drivers of future economies. Concerns about sustainability, using less resources, and $40 trillion green technology book (see Sustainagility book). Corporate and social responsibility as away to improve brand, image, marketing, sales, pricing, competitive advantage and market share. When energy costs rise, big financial incentives to make business more energy and resource efficient. Ethical business also increases attractiveness to institutional investors like pension funds. Examples of energy saving, electric cars, re-engineering processes, products and manufacturing. New DC power lines to enable solar power from solar generators in sahara desert to power Europe. Same for wind power and turbines. Impact of scale on price of renewable energy production eg fall of solar cells by 10% with every doubling in sales. Hundreds of other examples of profitable business being built on the sustainagility revolution. Cycle of maintenance, repair and replacement provides huge opportunities for sale of greener products, packed with green technology and innovations.
Patrick Dixon, Chair of Nordic Business Awards, London Stock Exchange March 2010 organized by UK Trade and Investment, UK Government.



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Excellent course helped me understand topic that i couldn't while attendinfg my college.

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Great course. Thank you very much.