Information Theory and Coding

IIT Bombay , Prof.S.N.Merchant

Discussion on Error Free Communication Over Noisy Channel


Lecture Description

Information Theory and Coding by Prof. S.N.Merchant, Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Bombay. For more details on NPTEL visit

Course Description

Introduction to Information Theory and Coding – Definition of Information Measure and Entropy – Extension of An Information Source and Markov Source – Adjoint of An Information Source, Joint and Conditional Information Measures – Properties of Joint and Conditional Information Measures and a Markov Source – Asymptotic Properties of Entropy and Problem Solving in Entropy – Block Code and Its Properties – Instantaneous Code and Its Properties – Kraft-Mcmillan Equality and Compact Codes – Shannon’s First Theorem – Coding Strategies and Introduction to Huffman Coding – Huffman Coding and Proof of Its Optimality – Competitive Optimality of The Shannon Code – Non-Binary Huffman Code and Other Codes – Adaptive Huffman Coding – Shannon-Fano-Elias Coding and Introduction to Arithmetic Coding

Introduction to Information Channel – Equivocation and Mutual Information – Properties of Different Information Channels – Reduction of Information Channels – Properties of Mutual Information and Introduction to Channel Capacity – Calculation of Channel Capacity for Different Information Channel – Shannon’s Second Theorem – Discussion on Error Free Communication Over Noisy Channel – Error Free Communication Over a Binary Symmetric Channel – Differential Entropy and Evaluation of Mutual Information – Channel Capacity of a Bandlimited Continuous Channel – Introduction to Rate-Distortion Theory – Definition and Properties of Rate-Distortion Functions – Calculation of Rate-Distortion Functions – Computational Approach For Calculation of Rate-Distortion Functions – Introduction to Quantization – Lloyd-Max Quantizer – Companded Quantization – Variable Length Coding and Problem Solving In Quantizer Design – Vector Quantization – Transform – Transform Coding

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