Introduction, Relationship between energy balance, energy conservation and environment – Dimensions, units and conversion factors – Stoichiometry; Principles of calculations – Sampling and measurements – Principles of materials and energy balance; Laws of thermodynamics,Thermochemistry and illustration of the concepts with suitable example – Fundamental Principles of metal extraction and refining and combustion, carbonization and gasification – Set up of material balance problems in mineral processing unit operations – Set up and illustration of energy balances in various unit processes like calcinations, sintering, roasting, smelting, converting, refining, gasification, carbonization – Case studies: Energy balance of a reheating furnace, rotary kiln ,etc – Integration of energy balance with clean development mechanism with an illustration.

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Course Curriculum

Introduction to Course Details 51:19
Measurement of Quantities Details 56:25
Exercises on Measurement of Quantities, Introduction to Stoichiometry Details 59:8
Stoichiometry Concept and Exercise Details 53:49
Exercise on Stoichiometry and Introduction to Thermochemistry Details 54:37
Thermochemistry Details 51:7
Exercise on Thermochemistry & Frequently Asked Questions Details 46:2
Errors in Measurements Details 49:33
Basics of Materials & Energy Balance Details 57:54
Introduction to Mineral Beneficiation Details 1:1:11
Materials Balance in Mineral Processing and Faq Details 55:3
Exercises in Mineral Processing Details 51:50
Calcination Concepts & Exercises Details 54:22
Pyromet Extraction Unit Processes Details 54:25
Predominance Area Diagram Details 51:42
Material Balance in Roasting;illustration Details 53:28
Heat Balance in Roasting illustration Details 53:37
Exersises on Roasting Details 52:58
Exercises on Roasting I Details 49:35
Smelting Matte Smelting Details 48:33
Exercise-I Matte Smelting Details 55:31
Exercise-II Matte Smelting Details 46:28
Reduction Smelting Details 53:48
Lead Smelting Material Balance Details 49:41
Imperial Smelting Process Details 0:51
Introduction to Ironmaking Details 52:8
Coke Making Details 52:20
Ironmaking Fundamentals Details 51:39
Material & Heat Balance in Ironmaking-I Details 48:32
Material & Heat Balance in Ironmaking-I Details 49:59
RIST Diagram-I Details 50:15
RIST Diagram-II Details 50:38
Concepts in Converting Details 50:25
Exercise in Converting Details 47:52
Additional Topics-I Melting in Cupola Details 50:24
Additional Topics-II Gasification I Details 53:30
Additional topic-III Material Balance in Gasification II Details 49:47
Additional Topics-IV Industrial Furnaces III Details 54:18
Energy Balance in Industrial Furnaces Details 53:19
Thoughts on Application of Energy Balance Details 49:14

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