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Metallurgy and Material Science

Metallurgy deals with the study of metals and their reaction to different substances, the properties of metallic mixtures and related aspects. There are various different types of metals that one can find and thus this branch of science can be really broad and vast.

In our series of online video lectures devoted to metallurgy, we have tried to cover as many topics as possible. You will get familiar with the underlying structure of materials, the energy balance and even the science and technology of polymers as well.

We are all aware of the endless properties that a semiconductor has. With our tutorials, one will be able to polish their skills and hone their expertise as far as semiconductors are concerned. With our video lessons, you will understand the process of semiconductor materials.

Apart from this, those who are interested in ceramics have a lot to explore and learn as well. We have lectures devoted to electroceramics and even advanced ceramics for different kind of strategic applications. Our online video lectures are so designed that you will get methodical and systematic steps that are sure to aid you in improved and better learning of the subject matter.

Fuels and refractory furnaces is another category which a lot of metallurgy students are interested in. We are willing to offer you some of the finest lectures on this topic. We have also covered physical metallurgy, non ferrous extractive metallurgy and even advanced metallurgy as well. Check out the lectures and improve your understanding of the same.
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