Gas Dynamics and Propulsion

IIT Madras Course , Prof. V. Babu

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Introduction - Compressibility of Fluids; Compressible and Incompressible Flows; Perfect Gas Equation of State; Calorically Perfect Gas - One Dimensional Flows Basics Governing Equations; Acoustic Wave Propagation Speed; Mach Number; Reference States sonic state - Reference States stagnation state; T-s and P-v Diagrams in Compressible Flows - Normal Shock Waves - Governing Equations; Mathematical Derivation of the Normal Shock Solution - Illustration of the Normal Shock Solution on T-s and P-v diagrams; Worked example - Further Insights into the Normal Shock Wave Solution - Flow with Heat Addition - Rayleigh Flow Governing Equations; Illustration on T-s and P-v diagrams - Thermal Choking and Its Consequences - Flow with Friction - Fanno Flow Governing Equations; Illustration on T-s diagram - Friction Choking and Its Consequences; Worked example - Quasi One Dimensional Flows - Governing Equations; Impulse Function and Thrust; Area Velocity Relation - Geometric Choking; Area Mach number Relation for Choked Flow; Mass Flow Rate for Choked Flow - Flow Through A Convergent Nozzle; Flow Through A Convergent Divergent Nozzle - Worked example; Supersonic Wind Tunnels and Intakes; Worked example - Interaction between Nozzle Flow and Fanno, Rayleigh Flows; Worked examples - Oblique Shock Waves Introduction; Governing Equations; q-b-M curve - Worked examples; Detached Shocks - Reflected Shocks - Reflection from a Wall - Prandtl Meyer Flow - Propagation of SoundWaves and the Mach Wave; Prandtl Meyer Flow Around Concave and Convex Corners - Prandtl Meyer Flow- Prandtl Meyer Solution; Reflection of Oblique Shock From a Constant Pressure Boundary ; Worked example - Basic ideas in aircraft propulsion Thrust; Modes of Propulsion - Turbojet engine Operation of a turbojet and afterburning turbojet engine - Component analysis intake and compressor - combustor, turbine and nozzle - Turbofan engine - Turbofan engine Emerging trends - Ramjet and turboramjet engines Operation of a Ramjet Engine and a Turboramjet Engine - Ramjet and turboramjet engines Component analysis Supersonic Intake - Scramjet engines - Thermodynamics of jet engines Thrust Equation for a Turbojet and Turbofan Engine; T-s diagram of a Turbojet Engine - Thermodynamics of jet engines Component efficiencies; T-s diagram of a Turbofan Engine - Thrust calculations Turbojet and Turbofan engine

Lecture 36: Calculations for Thrust and Fuel Consumption Emerging Trends

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        Gas Dynamics and Propulsion by Prof. V. Babu,Department of Mechanical Engineering,IIT Madras.For more details on NPTEL visit




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