Prestressed Concrete Structures

IIT Madras , Prof.A.K.Sengupta Devdas Menon

Cantilever Beams


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Prestressing System – Type of Prestressing – Prestressing System and Devices – Concrete – Concrete,Grout – Prestressing Steel – Losses in Prestress – Friction&Anchorage Slip – Creep,Shrinkage&Relaxation Losses – Analysis of Members – Analysis of Members Under Flexure – Cracking Moment,Kern Point and Pressure Line – Analysis of Rectangular sections – Analysis of Flanged Sections – Analysis of Partically Prestressed Section – Design of Members – Design of Members for Flexure – Choice of Sections and Determination of Limiting – Magnel’s Graphical Method – Detailing Requirements – Analysis and Design for Shear and Torsion – Design for Shear – Analysis of Torsion – Calculations of Deflection and Crack Width – Transmission of Prestress – Post-tensioned Members – Cantilever Beams – Continuous Beams – Composite Sections – One-Way Slabs – Two-Way Slabs – compression Members – Circular Prestressing,Conclusion

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