Electronic materials, devices, and fabrication

IIT Madras Course , Prof. S. Parasuraman

Lecture 1: Mod01 Lec-01 Metals, semiconductors, and insulators

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Electronic materials, devices, and fabrication by Prof S. Parasuraman,Department of Metallurgy and Material Science,IIT Madras.For more details on NPTEL visit http://nptel.ac.in

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Introduction to chemical bonding and development of band gap - Introduction and types of semiconductors. Explanation of density of states, Fermi energy, and band occupancy - Problem set on bonding,density of states, and Fermi statistics - Intrinsic semiconductors, carrier concentration, mobility, temperature dependence - Problem set on intrinsic semiconductors - Extrinsic semiconductors. Dopant types and materials. Conductivity, Fermi energy position,temperature dependence - Problem set on extrinsic semiconductors - Metal-semiconductor junctions. Schottky vs. Ohmic junctions. Band gap diagrams. I-V characteristics - Problem set on metal-semiconductor junctions - p-n junctions. Equlibrium and under bias ( forward and reverse). Band diagrams. I-V characteristics. Junction breakdown. Heterojunctions - Problem set on pn junctions - Transistors-BJT,JFET,MOSFET. Transistor action. Basics of BJT and JFET.Channel formation in MOSFET. I-V behavior.Depletion and inversion layer calculation - Problem set on transistors - Optoelectronic materials. Introduction. LEDs,LASERs,photodetectors,solar cells - Problem set on optical properties - Problem set on optoelectronic devices - Introduction to semiconductor manufacturing. History,overview of process flow, manufacturing goals. Scaling - Wafer manufacturing. Si ingot preparation. Poly to single crystal conversion. Czochralski vs. float zone method - IC device manufacturing overview. Thermal oxidation. Doping. Lithography. Etching and growth. Metallization and growth - Process and device evaluation. Yield monitoring and control - Clean room design. Contamination control - Devices and IC formation. IC circuit logic and packaging

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