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Chemistry Video Lectures/Tutorials

The chemistry section is built to cover courses needed by students to move from their intermediary knowledge of Chemistry to more advanced learning's. Therefore we provide audiovisuals covering freshman organic chemistry, the mathematics of chemistry—nitration, bonding principles/calculations, mass transfer operations, reaction rates etc.—matter and its properties, Quantum chemistry, Polymer chemistry and how these concepts can be used to explain the world around us. The course contains several modules designed to cover the subject matters participants are interested in learning. These modules are taught through the use of audiovisuals provided as lectures from reputable colleges. Students can take advantage of; Yale’s Organic chemistry program, IIT Kanpur’s Mathematics of Chemistry courses coupled with advanced chemistry subject matters—Quantum chemistry, Polymer Chemistry—from the IIT Madras Institution. Anyone interested in understanding basic Chemistry is welcome to participate while those looking to pursue a career in any advanced science field, can also select from the wide array of video tutorials available on the subject of Chemistry.