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Trumpet MIDI controller Details 6:28
Video tracking on an 8-bit microcontroller. Details 1:21
Face recognition on 8-bit microcontroller. Details 1:27
EEG pong on ATmega644 Details 2:4
Handwriting recognizer using neural net Details 3:7
Sign language glove Details 4:16
Electronic Dhol Details 4:55
TicTocTrac watch and time perception Details 3:28
Whiteboard eraser robot Details 3:8
pachinko made from scanner Details 3:57
Evolutionary Neural helicopter control Details 4:38
Multiprocessor Tank battle game Details 2:23
Infrared brain imaging part 2 Details 3:10
Infrared brain imaging Details 2:49
Phased array of speakers Details 3:11
Digital Stethoscope Details 3:37
Model building wireless HVAC controller Details 3:54
Auto-composing keyboard synth Details 4:5
Touchscreen on Mega644 Details 2:38
Saxophone synthesizer Details 1:55
Saxophone synthesizer Details 2:22
3D drawing on microcontroller Details 3:19
On-Board Diagnostics II Autocross/Track Part 3 Details 3:42
On-Board Diagnostics II Autocross/Track Part 2 Details 1:46
On-Board Diagnostics II Autocross/Track Part 1 Details 2:58
wireless dance-controlled synthesizer Details 0:2
air guitar synthesizer Details 4:52
Acoustic Scratch Gesture Input Details 2:14
Noise cancellation part 3 Details 1:47
Noise cancellation part 2 Details 0:44
60 Hz Noise cancellation 8-bit microcontroller Details 1:11
Tilt interface game box Details 4:20
Virtual drums with Karplus-Strong synthesis Details 1:24
Haptic bicep curl trainer Details 3:11
wireless POV display Details 3:7
Motorized guitar tuner Details 1:33
Synthesized programmable Guitar Details 1:40
Rhythm Ring percussion sequencer Details 1:32
Autonomous parallel parking Details 0:52
Tennis ball picking robot Details 2:1
Electric Guitar Digital controls Details 3:37
Automated grapefruit slicer Details 2:3
Wireless, web-based heart rate monitor. Details 3:57
Home made flex sensor glove. Details 2:44
Voice Decoder System for Vowels Details 2:20
Multitouch interface using total internal reflection Details 1:56
Wireless programmable pace clock Details 3:27
3D ultrasound mouse Details 0:57
RockBand vocal robot Details 2:19
Automatic RockBand player Details 1:41

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