400+ Free Online Courses on YouTube

Most of the best schools or colleges, in the world are sharing their classroom recorded video lectures through youtube. Some of theses courses are not just video lectures but has assignments, slides, quizzes as well. Universities include MIT, Yale, NPTEL, UC Berkeley, Stanford, McGill and many more. Lecture videos from individuals like Salman Khan of Khan academy , Patrick Dixon are also included. I have made an attempt to collect, organize them subject wise as  Maths, Physics & Chemistry, Computer Science, Electronics & Electrical Engg, Computer Networks, Signals and Systems, Business & Management, Economics, Mechanical Engg, Civil Engg, Philosophy & Physiology, Astronomy, Anatomy & Physiology, Biology & Medical Sciences, History & Law, Languages & Literature, All other Courses

Maths, Physics & Chemistry


Computer Science


Electronics & Electrical Engineering


Computer Networking, Signals and Systems


Business & Management




Mechanical Engineering


Civil Engineering


Philosophy & Psychology


Anatomy & Physiology


Astronomy & Aerospace


Biology & Medical Science


History & Law


Languages and Literature


Other Courses

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April 14, 2018

0 responses on "400+ Free Online Courses on YouTube"

  1. plz add vedios of matlab software

  2. extensive useful work…thanks a ton!

  3. none for sociology 🙁

  4. HI sir, pls provide any o f the videos regarding linux & unix servers. Plss…….

  5. Hi..
    Thanks a ton for this excellent work..

    Plz Plz upload video lectures on 8085, 8086 Microprocessors and 8051 microcontrollers..
    plz it will be very helpful..

  6. thank you very much for this videos … i appreciate the work you have done to help some middle class people who cannot effort to go for costly .. institutions and training …

    Thanks a lot .. dear .. keep posting …

  7. if anybody found that subject means engineering drawing online teaching send to the my email address i.e;paddu900@gmail:disqus .com…………..plz hurry up………………

  8. hi please upload any class videos for public administration please …


  9. fatimazahra hadjmiloudSeptember 17, 2011 at 9:29 pmReply

    I do believe that knowledge is the only immortal thing in the human life ,therefore,Imade the knowledge shasing my mission in this life

  10. please Ineed audio courses about the theory of literature s” il-vous plais!

  11. It is a great and noble  job. it would be a big service if medical  lectures of  Dr.Najeeb are added.

    Akbar Hussain

  12. i want to share my videos in youtube play list  on law lecture ,but how it is possible please tell me my email adress is  ALAWMAGIC@GMAIL.COM,  SEARCH ME ON  YOU TUBE AS LAW CLASSES BY DKDUBEY(INDIA)

  13. thats realy a great service for the development of human kind…we apreciate all these efforts to collects these collections and forword to the poeple
    thanks to all those who work for the development of humans…special thanks from my side .b/c its so helpful for me to find any sub here and solve my problems
    with thanks
    Ezzatullah “zahid”
    Telecom engineer

  14. feeling speachless…!!!
    i need SAP cousre

  15. thax frnds……………..

  16. sir i need cisco networking videos plz…..upload

  17. I do to joint you because I wont to up grate my knowledge about my sector am working and for feature studies. also it is good to be update with some knowledge the same as the slop of the would knowledge.

  18. english courses plz

  19. thank you for your effort .
      Can you try to find a course in descriptive geometry

  20. “Death” is a Philosophy class, not an Anatomy class.

    Great website by the way!

  21. can any one send me videolecures on power system protection


  23. please add matlab software videos

  24. I’m very thankful cause I’m an undergraduate and this may help me a lot to continue my study.God Bless 🙂

  25. hi sir i need all the classes video delhi university b a programming   1 yr all subject ( English-a ,pol science , Hindi- a  & education )  try to give this subject all so in ur list ………..

  26. Knowledge is now knocking on our door step.

  27. please, can i get any material on CRO. and radioactivity

  28. really i love it

  29. hai
    sir iam harsha priya could u provide with the lecture of analog communication

  30. good job ,please upload about Remote sensing and GIS

  31. sir can you give me the link to access only “power system protection” videos not power system operation and control for electrical student of 8th semester under biju pattanaik university. i need that videos please help me.

  32. sir,do you have videos on construction of fractal antenna in CADFEKO softwear.
    if u hv plz send it to my email id or uploads it.

  33. very helpful specially who has no base

  34. hi sir …………..how i get ur lectures?…………….

  35. hey i need java lects plz upload that

  36. i m searching for PLC lectures for mechanical,needed for automation

  37. can any forward me SAP and Peoplesoft video class to bsreddy009@gmail.com

  38. thanks for joining the group

  39. english speaking video

  40. thank you

  41. Can any one help me to find a training in Oracle?

  42. Can any one help with Filemaker training vedio

  43. I wana Microeconomics Lecture

  44. Can you send me Microeconomics videos lecture?

  45. can anybody send me the peoplesoft technical training videos to arch1419@gmail.com?

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