Improve your vocabulary with a mobile phone

9Envious of mates who utter fancy words while chatting or colleagues who articulate crisp and fresh sentences at the presentation meeting! Vocabulary becomes particularly important if you are appearing for exams like CAT or TOEFL, or you need to impress your bosses. Now improve your vocabulary with a mobile phone as we present you a list of vocabulary improving apps for Android phones.

  1. PowerVocab: Vocab Word Game

1Choose an appropriate meaning for a word by taking ‘Word Challenges’. Every right answer will unlock additional words while the app gives you the right meaning for an erroneous reply.  Click ‘Review’ to see the correct meaning, definition, pronunciation, and sentences showing its proper usage.

  1. Vocab Builder

2Raise the game by putting your vocabulary to test through this app. Play ‘Match the Word’ section to find the correct answer for a given word. Mind you, only one option fits so choose carefully. Besides its ‘Match the Definition’ section, you can view the endless list of words and their meanings. This app is useful when you want to review your performance for SAT or GRE. The app can be downloaded from Google Play store for free.

  1. Words, words, words

The ‘Learn’ feature shows words with definitions. The ‘Quiz’ feature lets you match a word to its right meaning. The feature lets you track your progress and time taken to solve the quiz. By default, the app is set to Beginner level but you can change the level of difficulty. The ‘Game’ feature offers scrambled words and their definition. Check its pronunciation by tapping on the megaphone icon.

  1. Test your English Vocabulary

4This app is essentially a useful tool for reviewing words that are appear in tests like TOEFL, GMAT, GRE, and TOEIC etc. Click on ‘Meaning By Word’ or ‘Word By Meaning’ to review the set of words. You can play games like Code Word, Anagram, Stop Word, Puzzle, and Millionaire. The app comes packed with Listening Tests.

  1. SAT Vocabulary

5Enough of challenges and vocabulary tests! Relax; we have SAT Vocabulary for you. The app shows words in white against a black backdrop. Tap ‘Next’ if you know the meaning of the word already. Otherwise flip or tap the word to check the correct meaning. It is a very basic and simple sort of app designed for SAT aspirants. The app is devoid of distracting ads to let you enjoy vocabulary building without interruptions.

  1. Miss Spell’s Class

6Matched words with meaning/definitions and unscrambled words! Do you actually know the correct spelling for the word? No! Then download Miss Spell’s Class app from Play Store and get going. Choose the correctly spelt words from the given set of 20 words. For every incorrect spelling your score receives a ten second penalty. ‘Review’ the quiz to learn the correct spellings. You can invite your pals from Twitter or Facebook to play spelling challenges.

  1. English Vocabulary

7Want stress free vocabulary learning? Download English Vocabulary on your mobile phone and start learning. The app initially introduces 25 words. Click on any word to see its meaning, pronunciation guide and usage. The ‘Read More’ link at the bottom of the page will connect you tot where you can learn more about the word. Though the app is quite useful for learning new words, it does not provide any means to review your vocabulary expansion.

  1. uVocab- Vocabulary Trainer

8If you want to improve and build your vocabulary for an upcoming exam then this app offers an extensive stock of words that you can learn, listen to its pronunciation, search definitions online, or view its synonyms and usage. Check your growth through the ‘History’ feature.

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15 Best Educational Android Apps For Teachers

1You can see the growing influence of technology on modern education system all around you! From e-learning programs to mobile learning apps, both students and teachers today rely heavily on technology to enhance the learning process. The increased usage of Smartphone and mobile computer systems has further popularized this trend.

If you are a teacher, you will surely be aware of the benefits of using various tools and apps for imparting education. We have compiled a list of the 15 most useful educational apps that you can use on your Android phone to provide a better learning experience to your students while also simplifying your everyday teaching tasks.

  1. Google Keep


Google Keep offers an easy and efficient way for you to make notes that you might need to refer to later. The app enables you to add notes, lists and even photos in an organized manner and that can be easily searched when needed. You can even voice record a memo that will get automatically transcribed by the application for later use. The app even enables you to set reminders on the memos that you have created. You can download the app from Google Playstore on your android device.


  1. Weebly


This versatile app is just what you need to create great portfolios. It enables you to catalogue the learning progress of your students online through blogs and websites. You can also use the app to edit in context with the help of an editing screen that provides a real time view of the published screen.  To download Weebly on your Android device, go to Google Playstore and install the app.


  1. Google Slides


This free app helps you to not only create and edit presentations, but also collaborate and share them with others through your Android phone or tablet. The app enables you to open edit and save MS PowerPoint files or any other presentations that were created online or on another device. Most importantly you can make the presentation right from your device. Download Google Slides for free from Google Playstore on your Android device.


  1. RefME


This referencing and bibliography tool enables you to create references in an effortless and time saving manner. You just need to scan the barcode of the book or the journal, whose reference needs to be provided using your device camera. The app even allows you to create reference by searching the book using its title, ISBN and ISSN number, DOI or even the URL of an e-book, article or website. Open Google Playstore on your Android Smartphone or tab to download the app.


  1. Animoto Video Maker


Creating videos has been made quite simple and effortless thanks to the Animoto Video Maker app. The app enables you to not only educational videos and clips but also to share them with your students through mail, Twitter and Facebook. You can use the images stored in your device’s gallery in your video clips and even add songs and captions to them. Download Animoto from Google Playstore on your Android app.


  1. Comic And Meme Creator


You can use the Comic and Meme Creator app to create interesting stories for imparting education in an interesting and fun filled manner.  The app enables you choose from a huge collection of super heroes and villains to create educational comic strips and memes. You can even add pictures from your device’s gallery or use images clicked with the camera.  Download the app from Google Playstore on your android phone.


  1. Mindomo


Mindomo helps you to unleash the power of your ideas with effortless mind mapping. You can use the app to directly create mind maps based on your thoughts. These maps can then be used to create presentations that can in turn be shared with other users. The app enables you to create unlimited maps and folders that can be easily edited, shared and even exported across devices.


  1. Tynker – Learn To Code


Tynker enables you to teach children coding in a simple and fun filled manner. The app offers puzzles to help kids understand concepts. Children can learn to easy to build games and control robots and drones with the help of step-by-step coding tutorials. The app comes with more than 50 free starter templates for creating games, apps, puzzles and even music.  The app can be downloaded from Google Playstore on an Android device.


  1. Aurasma


This award-winning augmented reality app helps in improving the way children see and interact with the world. It enables you to create and share your augmented reality experiences by combining interactive digital content including video, animations and 3D. The simple step-by-step creation wizard guides you in the process of creating such experiences called Auras and brings your images, objects and even the physical locations to life.


  1. Tape-a-Talk


As the name indicates, this sound recording app can be used for long-time sound recording in high quality. The app’s simple and nice user interface enables it to be used as a regular voice recorder. Record your lectures, lesson details or complete classroom sessions for your students in crystal clear sound. You can even share the recorded audio files with custom mail recipients. The app can be downloaded from Google Playstore on Android device.


  1. Learn To Read – Monkey Junior


This app provides a comprehensive reading program for kids in the form of various reading games. The app enhances the reading and learning capabilities of the children. It offers a wide range of courses and reading activities to match the current reading skills of individual students. The app can prove helpful for educating kids about phonetics and pronunciation and learn sight words and sentence formation. Click on Google Playstore to download the app.


  1. Book Creator


Help unleash the creativity of your students with the help of this wonderful app that enables you to create an e-book using just your tablet. You can create and publish a children’s picture book, art book, cook book, photo books etc.  You can add pictures from the gallery, web or even the camera and edit and format the text to create a great looking e-book just like that. Download the app from Google Playstore on Android devices.


  1. English Grammar In Use


With English having emerged as the universal language, this app helps you to master the grammar of the language. The app features easy to understand presentations about various grammar concepts along with interactive exercises for enhanced practice. It also provides a glossary of grammar words and a study guide to help you choose the requisite grammar units as per your current skill level. Go to Google Playstore on your Android device to download the app.


  1. Memrise


Knowing multiple languages is an essential skill that can be easily mastered with the help of Memrise. This app, designed as a memorization tool helps students learn 100s of different languages.  It relies on scientific learning systems to boost the power of the brain and make it capable of memorizing several new words per hour. The app even tracks your learning progress and enables you to perform reviews at the right time. The app can be downloaded from Google Playstore.


  1. Piano +


Piano + offers you the freedom to play at varying speed in an effortless manner. This HD app does not force you to follow a pre-defined set of playing instructions, which makes it possible for you to play the songs as per your mood and style. With more than 128 musical MIDI instruments and 12 sampled voices in studio quality, this is definitely one of the most versatile apps to learn piano in an easy and comfortable manner. You can download this app from Google Playstore on Android device.






8 iPad Apps To Help Students Demonstrate Their Learning

If you are modern day parent, you are surely aware of the growing influence of technology in education system. From online training programs to mobile learning facilities, the various technological advances have not only diversified but also enhanced the learning experience of your child in more ways than you can imagine.

When it comes to providing the benefits of technology in education, Apple products have definitely taken the lead. The best proof of this fact is the academic features offered by iPad to help students get a comprehensive solution for their learning needs. Most importantly, the device enables the students to use various apps for creating a variety of presentations to exhibit their learning abilities in a multimodal form.

From creating posters and video clips to infographics and digital portfolios, the device can handle a wide range of apps that enable the students to showcase what they have learned in an interesting and appealing manner. Given below are 8 such apps that can be used with iPad by the students to display their educational progress.

  1. Glogster

2This social networking app enables students to create free interactive posters known as Glogs. A glog is an acronym for “graphics blog”, which is basically an interactive multimedia image. The Glogstre app provides a virtual canvas for the users to create a multimedia poster by mixing different types of media including text, images, videos, graphics and sounds etc.

This Web 2.0 tool was launched in 2009 and has since grown into a popular platform used by both students and educators. In addition to enabling the creation of interactive posters, the app also enables the users to access a vast library of educational content. Get more info here:


  1. Canva

This is a free online platform for graphic design that enables users to access a wide collection of design tools and features. The app provides countless layouts, stock photographs and illustrations to help users design presentations, social media graphics and much more.

The app was created in 2012 and today this easy to learn and use app has become a preferred graphic design tool for both students and professionals. It offers everything that you need to create an amazing design, including photo filters, free icons and shapes and hundreds of fonts. Check out here:


  1. Tellagami

This free iPad app enables you to create narrated animation videos, known as Gami. Students can create customized animated scenes within a matter of minutes and can even modify their characters using a vast menu featuring numerous customization options.  The app combines the photos, voice and 3D character customization to help users present their story in a fun filled and interactive manner.

Developed by a team of innovators, technology gurus and creative artists, the app does not require the users to create any accounts or provide an email address. The completed animations are stored in the iPad’s camera roll itself. Here you go:


  1. Animoto

5This is a cloud based app that enables you to create simple yet appealing videos that combine text, voice and images for a complete effect. With more than a thousand soundtracks, Animoto enables you to add great diversity to your video with great easeYou can use the photos stored in your iPad’s cameral roll or click new ones to include in the video.

Animoto was developed in 2006 and is today one of the most flexible and versatile video creation app. It offers 50 different styles to create videos besides the features to trim videos, add captions to images and even create title cards.  Download here:


  1. 30 hands


This extremely versatile and free story telling app for iPad enables users to unleash their creativity in a fun filled manner. The app enables users to create presentations by dragging and dropping photos images and video clips as per their order in the story. The presentations can be created with or without video, though the former option is preferred for better impact.

What makes 30 Hands truly standout is it easy editing feature that enables you to take learning to a higher level. You can publish the final presentation in the iPad’s photo area or even choose to upload it apps cloud based collaborative learning site.  Here you go:


  1. SeeSaw

This digital portfolio app enables students to not only document but also share their academic progress using a combination of images and text. It is the perfect app for seamlessly organizing the digital and physical work of a student at a one place. Seesaw also enables parents to gain an insight into the everyday activity of their children besides enabling effective communication with them through real-time notifications.

The app has been designed to enable students to not only create a digital journal and display their work in an organized manner but also to help them collaborate with their classmates and develop their academic voice.  Check Out here:


  1. Weebly

This versatile app offers students the freedom to catalogue their learning progress online in the form of blogs and websites. The students can use their iPad to create their digital portfolio and upload the same to their online blog and website that has also been created using this iPad app.

This is an extremely easy to use app that enables you to edit in context. The editing screen is quite alike the published screen which enables you to get a real time view of how the website will look when it is finally created.  Find it Here:


  1. Tackk

9This free app offers the users the freedom to create content while on move. Students can use Tackk to work anywhere and with any device providing them the freedom of switching between devices at home and in class in an effortless manner, without running the risk of losing their work or having to re-do it all over again.

This feature rich app is perfect for users with minimal technical knowledge and designing skills. It enables you to incorporate text, images and other media easily into your digital portfolio helping you to tell your story in a smart and interesting manner.  Check Here:

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